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Episode 1: A New Day

Lee Everett is on his way to prison when the sheriff transporting him gets in a car accident. Lee wakes up in a world overrun by zombies, and soon after, he meets a little girl who’s been surviving all by herself.

Episode 2: Welcome Home

Lee returns to his hometown, hoping to find his family. Instead, he meets another group of survivors who aren’t particularly welcoming.

Episode 3: Starved for Help

The group is low on food and morale, and they’re in the throes of a power struggle. Desperate, they strike a deal with a pair of mysterious brothers promising food and shelter in exchange for gas.

Episode 4: Of Monsters and Men

A terrible secret is revealed. Learning the truth has its consequences, and Lee and Clementine must rescue the group from a fate worse than death.

Episode 5: The Breaking Point

Lee deepens his bond with one of the survivors as he investigates a potential traitor. But bloodthirsty bandits, a swarm of walkers, and unchecked paranoia lead to a bloody confrontation.

Episode 6: On the Road

After a harrowing start to their journey, the group is joined by fresh allies, including a guitar-wielding vagabond. They begin feeling optimistic until tragedy strikes again.

Episode 7: A Fate Worse Than Death

A stranger stalks the group from the shadows, forcing them to take refuge in a perilous shelter holding grisly secrets. But despite a major setback, the group finally gets lucky.

Episode 8: Around Every Corner

The group embarks on a daring mission to get the supplies they need to finally reach safety. Success would lead to salvation, but danger lies in wait around every corner.

Episode 9: Sacrifice

Heroes are born out of desperation. To rescue a member of the group, sacrifices will need to be made.

Episode 10: Armed With Death

Sheer willpower is the only weapon left against a madman, an army of walkers, and impending doom.

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