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Grim Fandango 5 - The Sea of Lament

Manny and Glottis are hot on the heels of Meche and Domino when assassins board their ship. After a daring escape, they find themselves stuck in the middle of the Sea of Lament. After a bout of pearl-diving, octopus-evading, and singalongs, will they finally — FINALLY — catch up to Meche?

Grim Fandango 4 - Rubacava Part Two

Manny embraces the dark side of Rubacava. He blackmails a lawyer, fakes the death of an innocent sailor, and swindles the police chief — all in the name of Meche, the ultimate femme fatale.

Grim Fandango 3 - Rubacava Part One

Manny's on top of the world in Rubacava, until one night he gets a visit from an old client. He gets pulled into the city's deadly underworld, leading to an unforgettable night of beat poetry, labor organizing, and drunken betting at the Kitty Race Tracks.

Grim Fandango 2 - The Petrified Forest

As Manny searches for his lost client, he joins an underground movement, fights demon beavers, and performs open heart surgery in The Petrified Forest. 

Grim Fandango 1 - The Department of Death

A down-on-his luck travel salesman tries to work off his debt in the Land of the Dead, but he quickly becomes ensnared in a web of lies and corruption that will shake the 8th Underworld to its core.

The Walking Dead 10 - Armed With Death

Sheer willpower is the only weapon left against a madman, an army of walkers, and impending doom.

The Walking Dead 9 - Sacrifice

Heroes are born out of desperation. To rescue a member of the group, sacrifices will need to be made.

The Walking Dead 8 - Around Every Corner

The group embarks on a daring mission to get the supplies they need to finally reach safety. Success would lead to salvation, but danger lies in wait around every corner.

The Walking Dead 7 - A Fate Worse Than Death

A stranger stalks the group from the shadows, forcing them to take refuge in a perilous shelter holding grisly secrets. But despite a major setback, the group finally gets lucky.

The Walking Dead 6 - On the Road

After a harrowing start to their journey, the group is joined by fresh allies, including a guitar-wielding vagabond. They begin feeling optimistic until tragedy strikes again.

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